Harvard Medical School Open Access Policy

As of June 18th 2014, all Harvard Faculty members automatically retain a license to freely share their research papers via the Harvard Library's permanent digital archive DASH - Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard. (The full text of the open access policy as adopted by the Harvard Medical School faculty is available online at Harvard's Office for Scholarly Communication).

Author's Advantage

Using this non-exclusive license to your advantage is easy, and Harvard librarians can assist by quickly depositing your papers into the Harvard DASH system. How can the library help?

Waivers and Opting out

Some publishers may ask for waivers from authors who are affiliated with institutions where faculty have adopted Open Access Policies such as Harvard. Due to the flexible structure of the Harvard Open Access policy itself, only one waiver from Harvard is necessary.

(Example: If there are 10 Harvard faculty members who have co-authored the manuscript, and the publisher demands to have "opt-out waivers" from the OA Policy, remember that only one of the Harvard authors would need to click into the waiver generator, the other 9 harvard authors do not all need to go through that same excersize. One single waiver will releases the paper from the benefits that the Harvard Open Access Policy would have otherwise provided.